Video Browser Showdown

The Video Browser Showdown (VBS) is an annual live video search competition, where international researchers evaluate and demonstrate the efficiency of their exploratory video retrieval tools on a shared data set in front of the audience.

VBS has been organized as a special session MMM since 2012. In this special session the participating teams start with a quick presentation of their video search systems and then perform several video retrieval tasks with a moderately large video collection. This year, VBS will collaborate with the TRECVID Ad-Hoc search task and use the same data set of about 600 hours of video content.

The aim of the Video Browser Showdown is to evaluate video browsing tools for their efficiency at “Known Item Search” (KIS) tasks with a well-defined data set in direct comparison with other tools. For each KIS task the searchers need to interactively find a short video clip (20 secs) in the video collection within a specific time limit. While the video data is distributed before the event, the tasks are presented on-site via a projector (either as a video clip itself, or as a textual description).

For more details, including videos with impressions from previous events, please go to the official website: