Venue Information

default_whiteMMM 2017 will be held in the modern facilities of Reykjavik University. Reykjavik University was founded in 1998, with the aim of creating and disseminating knowledge to improve quality of life for individuals and societies with ethics, sustainability and responsibility as guiding principles. Reykjavik University is now home to some 3,800 students and 250 permanent faculty and staff.


Reykjavik University is situated in a single building (see map) about a 5-10 minute walk (or a 1 minute bus ride) away from the recommended hotel. As you approach the building, this will be your view:


As you enter into the main lobby, named “the Sun”, this will be your view.  This is where the registration desk will be situated and where we will host the demonstration and poster session.


If you veer to the left, you will find the main conference room, V101, where keynote speeches and sessions will be held.


Just after V101, you will find our secondary session room, V102.


The Video Browser Showdown and Welcome Reception will be held in room M201, on the second floor.

For more information about Reykjavik University, please visit our web-site.